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The Pet Health & Happiness Podcast | Bella & Duke

Nov 19, 2020

Is your vet pro raw feeding? In this episode, Rowan, our Chief Nutritional Officer, and Mark, our CEO and founder, team up to discuss why some vets are still sceptical about raw feeding, the science and evidence behind the benefits of raw dog food and how we are encouraging more vets to join the dog food evolution!

Rowan gives 3 key points about why raw feeding works, to help give raw advocates 3 simple things to explain to raw sceptics on a dog walk. The proteins remain intact, the fats are non-oxidised and there are no carbs which are converted into sugar your dog can’t digest.

Mark mentions our raw feeding survey of over 3,000 Bella & Duke customers and the results of this, including 98% of owners saw an improvement in their dog’s poo habits.

He also explains that Bella & Duke want to help educate those vets who are not bought into the concept of raw feeding yet. We have created a facebook group to help educate and discuss the evidence we are seeing from feeding raw dog food.

We have also set up a pro raw feeding vet directory to help current raw feeders find a friendly vet. If your vet is not in this directory yet, let us know, it is free to join!