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The Pet Health & Happiness Podcast | Bella & Duke

Aug 12, 2020

Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke, President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) to discuss all you need to know about spaying your dog. To castrate is to neuter a male dog, while to spay is to neuter a female dog. Neutering is removing a part of an animal’s sexual organs, so that it cannot produce offspring.

The question of whether or not to spay your dog is a really important decision that is based around what breed you have, how old they are, what your personal circumstances are, what your vet offers and their safety protocols, and the chances of certain health risks depending on your location (i.e. urban or countryside).

Listen in as Dr. Clarke goes into three different types of spaying: the classic spay, the ovarian sparing spay, and the laparoscopic (or keyhole) spay.