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The Pet Health & Happiness Podcast | Bella & Duke

Apr 9, 2020

Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Nick Thompson to discuss tips and tricks to keep in mind when dealing with your dog’s poo-related mishaps.

Based on the seven-point Bristol Stool Chart, Dr. Nick developed his own ascending scale for measuring dog poo. A 0 is a stool with virtually no form, while a 10 is one that is perfectly torpedo or cigar-shaped. Stool with a score of 10 on this scale is an indication of great gut health. This scale is incredibly useful for accuracy when having conversations with your vet wherein the objective is to gauge how your dog responds to different foods.

Using this scale as the basis for today’s discussion, Nick goes over three common concerns regarding dog poo: what it means when stool takes on a white and crumbly form, how to address diarrhoea in dogs, and tips for dealing with constipation in dogs