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The Pet Health & Happiness Podcast | Bella & Duke

Apr 4, 2020

Mark, our CEO, sits down with Emma Rutherford, a Functional Canine Dietary Consultant with a particular focus on promoting raw food for a dog’s integrative health. They touch on a variety of topics, relating them all to the ever-evolving Coronavirus situation.

“If you can get the food right from the start,” says Mark, “it gives your body a much better chance to deal with stress, whether emotional or physical.”

Emma adds that it is best to approach food in a holistic manner. She suggests moderation and cycling what you feed your pet, particularly if you are still getting them used to a raw diet.

Also discussed is the health of pet owners themselves. It is obviously key for humans to focus on their health as much as they do their dogs’. Beyond physical health, people should also address often overlooked factors such as recovery, mental health, and the power of association.