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The Pet Health & Happiness Podcast | Bella & Duke

Jan 23, 2019

In our podcast this week, Mark and Rowan focus on the differences between western and eastern approaches to medicine. Western medicine tends to focus on relieving symptoms, whereas the eastern approach is more holistic and focuses on finding the underlying cause of the ailment. The guys reccommend using both approaches to feel good holistically while remedying any symptoms our dogs (and us, of course!) may have. If your dog has fleas, for example, western medicines would work to repell the pests. An eastern approach could be to recommend apple cider vinegar which would help your dog repell fleas naturally, helping them to avoid getting fleas ever again. The stomach is the primary interface all animals have with the outside world and plays a vital role when it comes to our immune system. A vast majority of ailments can be traced back to the gut and eating the wrong foods, including mucus build up, headaches, dry skin and bloating. This week's takeaway is to try writing a food diary for both you and your dogs. This will help you to identify any foods Details can be found in the Podcast!